Arkansas, Florida, And Georgia Get Their Own Pop Tarts

Darren Rovell of reports Kellogg’s has reached agreements with five schools to make Pop Tarts with those schools’ sports logos printed right in the icing.  Sweet!  (Or tart, I guess).
Three of the five Pop Tartable schools are in the SEC: Arkansas, Florida and Georgia.  Michigan and North Carolina will also get in on the fun.
Ah, from “Frosted Razorback Red” to “Frosted Bulldog Berry” to “Frosted Florida Gators Strawberry,” who could resist?  Now athletes who decide to toke up can actually satisfy the ensuing muchies with officially licensed, school-themed pastries.
Anything for a buck.  At least there’s no expiration date on Twitter jokes about the product.
What’s interesting is that each SEC school apparently cut its own deal with Kellogg’s regarding the packaging.  Arkansas’ box design is different than those for Florida and Georgia.  Georgia allowed their flavor to be called “Bulldog Berry,” which brings to mind the old Lewis Grizzard “But that dog will bite youuuu” joke.  Florida’s flavor is officially “Florida Gators — trademark symbol — Strawberry.”
We’ll see if any other SEC schools jump on board the pastry train.  To get your hands on an Auburn Pop Tart, you’d probably have to outbid a Mississippi State booster.  A Tennessee Pop Tart would would be hard enough to throw through a car windshield.  A Vanderbilt Pop Tart would come with a tassle to look more like a mortarboard.  Etc, etc, etc.
No word on whether there’s any truth to the rumor that Alabama is cutting its own marketing deal with the folks at Lipton’s tea.  (Think about it.)

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